Bread of brewer’s spent grain (BE)

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Bread baked from brewer’s grains. Guaranteed 100% alcohol-free.

The local city brewery ‘t Koelschip in Ostend is looking for new ways to use its brewer’s grains. Manager Ive Mostrey: “It is such a rich product and has so much flavor. It is such a shame that I ‘only’ used it as animal feed, because it is perfectly suitable for human consumption. I am determined to look for new opportunities with this tasty product. ” And he found it! A collaboration has been set up with 3 local hot bakers (see below) who each gave their own touch to the bread, with the spent grain as the basic ingredient.

Do you want to know what brewer’s spent grain actually is? Then click on the picture below.

Do you want to try the different loafs bread of brewer’s spent grain?

You’ll find them in the following participating bakeries:

Bakkerij Nico

Bakkerij Wallecan

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Website 't Koelschip

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