Bread of brewer’s spent grain (BE)

  • Arne R
  • 12/03/2021
SMEs Upcycling inspiration

Bread made out of brewer’s spent grain. Guaranteed 100% alcohol free

The local city brewer ‘t Koelschip in Ostend is searching for new ways to use its brewer’s spent grain. Ive Mostrey CEO: “It’s such a rich product and has a lot of flavour. It’s such a shame that I have to the cattle, because it’s perfectly fit for human consumption. I’m really eager to find new opportunities for this tasteful product.” They are working together now with two bakeries to bake a new and inspiring Oostendsch Brood (Bread of Ostend).

The result is delicious!

Click on the tank to see the video of how spent grain is gathered.

Cowboy Henk agrees with us 😉


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