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Below you find the step-by-step approach to generate the maximum profit from business waste. In addition, we provide you, the business associations and local government employees with tools to improve general knowledge on circular economy, the value of waste, waste legislation and upcycling solutions.


  • A bespoke survey of your business' current waste situation

    The project will undertake a review of the type, volume and costs of waste for your firm, as well as taking account of any hurdles or barriers to improving operations or opportunities to explore.

  • Developing upcycling solutions

    Based on the outcome of these waste reviews, potential upcycling business cases will be identified and calculated together with our knowledge partner TU-Delft. Meet the market events will be organised to help facilitate the possible upcycling solutions which are on offer.

  • Developing knowledge and training

    Knowledge and training are developed and delivered to improve general knowledge for entrepreneurs, business associations and local governmental employees on the circular economy, value of waste, waste legislation and upcycling solutions.

  • Collective procurement and management of waste upcycling solutions

    To ensure selection of the most appropriate environmental upcycling solutions, a detailed tender for waste upcycling solutions will be drafted per pilot area. An organisation representing the companies will be responsible for the collective tendering of the waste flows per pilot area. They will facilitate optimal execution of the tender (on both sides) and mediate if necessary. This will ensure accurate compliance to the terms and targets of the tender in order to minimise waste and maximise business benefits as a result!

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  • Free Programme

    Upcycle Your Waste is funded by the Europan Union. We don’t expect any fee from your SME.

  • Reducing costs

    Research shows better waste management reduces costs directly and indirectly.

  • Step-by-step support and guidance

    The program provides a step-by-step approach, continuous supervision of the process, makes outcomes available and indicates where possibilities and opportunities lie.

  • Boost your business

    Circular waste management reduces waste costs, support your CSR activities, helps you to obtain permits and widens your tender possibilities.

  • Local added value due to international coorporation

    We take all waste streams inside a business area into account for upcycling. By exchanging local outcome internationally, we benefit locally from the knowledge, insights and successes gained in the business area’s in the other pilots.

  • Save the environment

    By converting waste into new products, less waste is produced, the current stocks for new raw materials are not depleted. Pollution into the environment is minimised and CO2 emissions are limited.

  • Support local development

    The programme supports local partnerships, strives for a more engaged, collaborative business community and promotes circular activity and associated economic added value.