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The Hague transforms waste into raw materials
As an international city of peace and justice, The Hague strives for an attractive living environment. in which it makes use of clean energy, clean mobility and the re-use of raw materials. This It wants to provide a living environment for its residents and give it to visiting heads of government, established international organisations, civil society organisations and knowledge institutions.

The Hague is working on a circular economy
The Hague endorses the national objectives to create a 100% circular society by 2050. In order to achieve this, insight is needed into the raw material flows in and through the city so that these flows can be used more efficiently, preferably locally. The municipality is responsible for the collection and treatment of approximately 600 tonnes of household waste per day.
The Hague is constantly taking steps to improve the quality of these streams. The waste from approximately 59,000 companies in The Hague is incinerated. There are opportunities to improve resource efficiency and work on the circular economy.

Industrial waste does not (yet) achieve raw material status
A great deal of industrial waste is still incinerated, even though it is often valuable. It contains raw materials for new products. Raw materials that are also available directly in the city. Moreover, the local processing of these potential flows of raw materials will create additional jobs.

High time for ‘upcycling of waste’
In order to promote business opportunities, The Hague has taken the initiative to be the main partner in the European project: Upcycle Your Waste. Through this project entrepreneurs/companies get the the possibility of separating more waste and offering it jointly for high-quality processing into a new raw material or product. With this so-called “upcycling” it is possible to companies reduce their waste costs, seize new business opportunities, the local economy stimulate and reduce CO2. Win-win situations on all fronts.

Read our folder here: HAAG_NL-NL_flyer-UYW.

Events by The Hague – The Netherlands

Resourceful The Hague

Location: Fokker Terminal, The Hague Organiser: The Hague – The Netherlands, City of The Hague

You are invited to the event 'Resourceful The Hague' on Friday 24 June in the Fokker Terminal to learn everything about natural resources in a climate neutral city.

The people of the European projects Resourceful Cities, PlastiCity and Upcycle Your Waste invite you to experience the resource transition in The Hague. Together the project teams have created a program with a variety of workshops and presentations.

Visit our site for more information and to register for this afternoon filled with inspiration and interaction.

See you then!

Project team Resourceful The Hague

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