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Arne Rossel

Upcycling update September 2021

Thank you for helping us make Norwich a greener city. By participating in Upcycle Your Waste, you’re not just learning more about cost-efficient sustainable waste management, but you’re contributing to a Europe-wide effort to create a circular economy. Read on to find out more about upcycling projects throughout Europe, research, and upcoming events.

Seaslate: Transforming plastic ocean waste into facade cladding

O.666 is a brand new centre for the circular economy, with social responsibility at the heart. Built in Ostend, Belgium, the site was developed by Flanders’ public waste company, the City of Ostend, and O.666.

Their first circular project is Seaslate, which transforms ocean plastic into facade cladding. This tackles the problem of coastal litter: the Proper Strand Lopers (“Clean Beach Runners”) and VIVES University of Applied Sciences collect plastic waste in and around the North Sea coast, and later process it into tiles for facade cladding. Find out more.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship:
Barriers and drivers of a circular economy

What motivates entrepreneurs who want to practice circular business and what obstacles do they encounter?

Our Upcycle Your Waste literature research explores the obstacles and motivations to upcycling, so we can better understand what stands in the way of a circular economy. Through this research, we’re able to overcome obstacles, encourage entrepreneurs to reuse waste, and boost the circular economy. Want to know more? Drop us a line.

Read the report: Literature Research on Barriers and drivers for upcycling

StartUpCycle: OurUpcycling Hackathon

What do you get if you combine a circus tent, six passionate teams, nine amazing mentors, a load of old rubbish, and one big ambition?

StartUpCycle: a unique weekend hackathon event from Sync the City, Norwich BID, and University of East Anglia, where teams collaborated to create an upcycling start-up. This eco-hackathon was organised as part of Upcycle Your Waste – our project to establish a circular economy in Norwich. With two prizes up for grabs – the Judges’ Prize for £3000 and the People’s Choice for £1000, energy was high, and faces were determined!

Click here to hear the inspiring pitches.

Pilot Regions Event

This September, the Economic House of Ostend (BE) welcomed the partners of the other pilot regions for the first time in more than a year and a half. Over the event we shared with the results of the waste audits,  the existing upcycling cases and the research so far.


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