Presentations – Upcycling Achievement Conference

  • Arne R.
  • 17/11/2022
-UYW OUTPUTS- Authorities Business support SMEs Upcycling inspiration

Here you can find all information on the the Upcycling Achievement Conference (link to FULL VIDEO).

The Powerpoint presentations can be watched and downloaded underneath:

1) Welcoming word by Filip Roelandt, CEO of the Economic House of Ostend.

2) UAC_Roubaix – A materials bank in practice – How waste supply and demand meet each other.

3) UAC_IJmond – Residuals hub – How to manage waste more efficiently as a business park.

4) UAC_The HagueLessons learned from the project. The point of view from a local government.

5) UAC_Ostend – Circular Business case testimonials – Low-hanging fruit becomes a circular network in the city

6) UAC_Kent – Circular Business case testimonials

7) UAC_Livable Platform SepVerboom Conference – Belgian designer, examines the role of design on people, society and the living environment.

8) UAC_VIVES + link to VIVES Waste Database platform – Find out how the 5 key factors in the circular economy can meet.

9) UAC_IJmond + link to Academy Training Platform – Fast and accessible in-company training on circular economy.

10) UAC_Norwich – The waste tender explained. How to match producers of waste with their possible users.

11) Conclusions and closing word by Silke Beirens, alderwoman of Environment of the City of Ostend.


The full programma can be found underneath.

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