Beet Pulp Paper from Crown van Gelder (NL)

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The motto of independent paper factory Crown Van Gelder, located in the IJmond for 125 years, is changing the world of paper. “That sounds like you’re putting on big pants, but we’re really doing it,” said CEO Miklas Dronkers. And they do that too: after the innovative inkjet paper, the special beet pulp paper, Crown Native, is now available.

“The fact that we use this paper with beet pulp at an industrial level is new in the world,” says Miklas Dronkers. The paper, called Crown Native, is food safe and can be reused up to seven times. And the savings already start with production. “100% of our wood fibers come from sustainably managed forests. In addition to the 80% wood fibers, 20% beet pulp is now used in the paper. This is a residual product from sugar production. By replacing the wood fibers, 16% will be saved on CO2 and particulate matter emissions, partly through transport. ” We worked hard together with Cosun Beet Company and with results: from 2021, the kilo-packs of Van Gilse sugar will be packaged in their own product, transformed into paper by Crown Van Gelder. “Mother nature is always at the beginning of our product, now even more sustainable. The close cooperation between Cosun Beet Company and Crown Van Gelder has made this development a success.”


This is not the first time that Crown Van Gelder has innovated extensively. Fifteen years ago she already developed inkjet paper that is suitable for printing with short runs. This means less paper is wasted. “That saves 26% in energy and material use. So 26% environmental gain.” In other words: changing the world of paper. “You will only become the oldest industry on the North Sea Canal if you continue to innovate and ensure environmental and efficiency gains. And we like to do that together with our partners. ”


Miklas Dronkers is especially proud of the market leadership with the inkjet paper. “That goes all over the world. I look forward to taking the next step to change the world of paper. Due to the appearance of the paper, the dark dots, the durability of Crown Native radiates. The story is clear: using a residual flow makes a significant difference to the environment and less wood and water are needed. My dream is that all the plastic that is still used to package food will be replaced by our beet pulp paper: Crown Native.”

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