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Waste scan The Hague: minimising waste costs is possible

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Many companies in the The Hague area can save costs on their waste, according to the waste scans conducted by Upcycle Your Waste and TU Delft. The results of those scans were presented to the entrepreneurs in the webinar Upcycle your Waste. The analysed waste contained various raw materials that can easily be reused and that can even generate money, such as:

  • Plastics such as buckets, barrels, foils, etc
  • waste paper and cardboard
  • wooden pallets, crates and reels
  • textile
  • coffee cups
  • coffee grounds

The Upcycle your Waste webinar gave other practical tips for saving on waste:

  • Take a closer look at what you are paying for. Ask questions when it is unclear
  • Don’t have too many bins or have them being emptied while they are not yet full;
  • Put the right waste in the right container;
  • Use your container space more efficiently;
  • Packaging that is wiped clean can be disposed of with residual waste and not with hazardous waste;
  • compressing polystyrene foam;
  • there are many streams that are raw materials (such as coffee grounds, citrus peels, organic waste)

Wondering if you can also save on your waste? Check out our step-by-step-approach:

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