Neo Eco Developpement – France

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– Expertise in Zero Waste/Circular Economy/Mechanical Production Process (integrating Used Materials)/Upcycling
– Life Cycle Analysis/Test in Environmental Innocuity (e.g. Sedifond, Etnisi)
– Experts in Resources/Used Materials upcycling projects (e.g. Barbieux Park Sediments)
РDeep Knowledge of Roubaix lifestyle, economicand social players and operators (educational approach, incubation of projects, adivces and support) (e.g. Etnisi, La Laini̬re de Roubaix)
– Expertise in Circular Economy Business model and Business Plan
– Concrete Territorial Approach (Sediments, Clinker, Mud, Demolition Construction Valorisation, Company waste to resources)
– Connecting Resources to Needs

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