Neo Eco Developpement – France

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– Expertise in Zero Waste/Circular Economy/Mechanical Production Process (integrating Used Materials)/Upcycling
– Life Cycle Analysis/Test in Environmental Innocuity (e.g. Sedifond, Etnisi)
– Experts in Resources/Used Materials upcycling projects (e.g. Barbieux Park Sediments)
– Deep Knowledge of Roubaix lifestyle, economicand social players and operators (educational approach, incubation of projects, adivces and support) (e.g. Etnisi, La Lainière de Roubaix)
– Expertise in Circular Economy Business model and Business Plan
– Concrete Territorial Approach (Sediments, Clinker, Mud, Demolition Construction Valorisation, Company waste to resources)
– Connecting Resources to Needs

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