Procurement Methodology Waste Collection

  • Martin B.
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Read the concept report here: Norwich BID Waste


·Phase 1 – To develop a protocol and methodology for the procurement of circular waste, both
collection and treatment.
·Phase 2 – To carry out a full tendering exercise to deliver a pilot project for the above

Procurement Concept Proposal:

Having considered the project in some detail it is clear that a procurement protocol and delivery methodology for tendering will need to be flexible and wide enough to cover both Small Medium Enterprises and much larger Economic Operators, delivering procurement across a diverse mix of Workstreams. It also needs to be administratively light and straightforward for all users to deliver, or alternatively for the B.I.D. or a Contracting Authority to deliver.

In addition, the procurement needs to be able to benefit from innovation in upcycling, utilising techniques and new ideas that may only now be emerging. To achieve all the above our procurement proposal comprises two tendering streams; firstly,
creating a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which will benefit existing organisations, bringing them into a process whereby they can engage directly with the commercial sector and secondly to procure using an Innovation Partnership those economic operators that have the ability to bring new innovations in waste management and upcycling to the market. This could occur following the establishment of a DPS.