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  • Arne R.
  • 18/01/2023
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At the end of December, the Economic House was allowed to hand over the collected work clothing from the city services and Ostend companies to Marcel van Gaia Circulair. This organization processes the clothing to use it as a raw material for new products and provides companies with a certificate to achieve their sustainable goals.

Why doesn’t the clothing go into the regular container for clothing recycling?

There are logos of the companies on many company clothing. If the clothing is no longer usable, a company does not want the clothing to be used or to fall into the wrong hands. That is why companies often choose to throw the clothing with the residual waste and have it burned, which is prohibited by the higher authorities. If checked, this can result in hefty fines. Having the clothing processed by a certified company that ensures that all company characteristics have been removed is therefore an ideal solution. Moreover, participation also ensures that you achieve the CSR objectives that you have as a company.

What is the added value of the Economic House as an intermediary?

For environmental reasons, Gaia Circular only collects from a full pallet of 15 boxes. Many companies cannot keep up with the clothing until they have 15 full boxes due to lack of space. The Economic House collects the clothing and stores it until a pallet is full. The company that delivers clothing still receives the certificate and access to the online portal to see how much CO2 it has saved.

An example of the certificate looks like this (made anonymous).


Does your company have clothing laying waste and are you looking for a way to achieve your CSR objectives? Then take part in the collection of the Economic House. Send an email to

This project is part of the Upcycle Your Waste project of which the Economic House is a partner.

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