Journey to Net Zero Expo

The goal of the Journey to Net Zero expo is to demonstrate that our rapid transition towards a net zero economy by 2050, is not just possible, but is a hugely desirable journey and worth celebrating all our endeavours. We all have a role to play and a vital contribution to make, so let’s get together to showcase the city of Norwich.

The aim is simple: to provide business leaders with the inspiration, the practical advice and actionable guidance required to develop and advance their own net zero work and strategies at a free to-attend event with keynote speakers, seminars and workshops. The Expo programme includes the opportunity for delegates to meet with top industry experts, peers and national leading thinkers.

If you think you can add to that by sharing your experience, don’t hide your knowledge and expertise under a bushel – share it. Take a free stand with us at the expo!

The rationale for holding the Expo is simple: the climate crisis is real; the scale of the challenge is unprecedented; the net zero transition is happening and accelerating. So, how do we support the journey in Norwich?

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