Discover the winners of the circularity competition in Roubaix

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Thibault P.

The city of Roubaix launched a call for projects on 1 June 2021 to help companies set up up upcycling projects in the area. During the first phase, six projects were selected from 18 applications. For two months, the six candidates were able to further develop their projects, before the final jury.

Here are our three winners:

1st prize: The Nogashi company is developing a range of flour and finished food products based on the spent grains produced by the micro-brewers of Roubaix.

2nd prize: The Voé company is developing a wood pellet production unit based on the local recovery of pallet waste. The production will supply buildings heated with biomass boilers in the area to create a Local Energy Loop (LEL).

3rd prize: The companies Saint Lazare, Vivaluz and Tessigraphes design, which have joined forces to develop a computer sleeve, made in Roubaix, from a material created with local textile waste.

Congratulations to the three winners and also to the other three candidates for the quality of their projects:

  • Rewood is working on the upcycling of pallets
  • Habitons! on the upcycling of cardboard cores
  • Instead on the upcycling of brewers’ spent grains

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